Hell Hath No Fury
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Anna Valerious
Anna is one of the last of the Valerious line, out to rid her family of a generations-old curse by defeating Dracula. Fearless and strong, Anna is an accomplished swordswoman and stands ready at any moment to give life for the souls of her family. She is the sister of Velkan, and the daughter of Boris, King of the Gypsies.

The oldest and most worldy of the brides, Verona has fought for centuries to rid the world of all those who stand in the way of Dracula's sinister plan. As beautiful as she is deadly, the bloodthirsty Verona is Dracula's second in command both on the ground and in the sky.

A devishly clever vixen who uses her beauty against all those foolish enough to challenge her, Marishka is the bride who should never be underestimated. Notorious for playing with her food before eating it, Marishka has made countless Transylvanian villagers wish for death long before it arrives.

Insanely jealous of anyone who would dare compete for her master's affections, Aleera is the youngest and deadliest of Dracula's three brides. Obsessed with her merciless pursuit of Princess Anna, Aleera will stop at nothing to brind the Valerious bloodline to an end.

Brides of Dracula
As beautiful as they are lethal, Aleera, Verona, and Marishka are Dracula's bloodthirsty brides. Bound by fate and seduced by Dracula's enigmatic power, they'll stop at nothing to help their master in his plan to subvert human civilization and to rule over a world of havoc, fear, and darkness.

Anna 2005